Walking and Blood Glucose

What if you could drop your blood sugar 10% in 10 minutes?

Walking and Blood Glucose

What could a 10 minute walk do for your blood glucose? In a simple little “study” I did for myself, walking for 10 minutes (sometimes in the morning, but typically) after checking my blood sugar about 30 minutes after eating dinner lowered my blood sugar by about 10 points (or 10%).

This is a particularly powerful intervention, considering that if we’re consuming enough fat it’s achievable to have a lower post-prandial blood sugar than fasted blood sugar. Regardless, a 10% drop in 10 minutes is pretty significant considering that the vast majority of people could use a little more exercise or at the very least sun exposure or time away from their phones (and other screens).

I want to note too that this wasn’t a weighted walk (rucking) or any kind of intense pace — I was just casually walking the dog around the block. Again, there is a multitude of benefits here that can really easily stack on top of each other for a minimal investment with virtually no downside.

Referenced Data: On Google Drive

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