Anxiety and the Other Side of Despair

Depression is an inability to construct a future, anxiety a fixation on a future that hasn't happened.

Anxiety and the Other Side of Despair
Photo by Road Trip with Raj / Unsplash

The Cultured Warrior #026

Knowing this may not make anxiety any easier to bear, but it is poignant no less.  What it does tell us is that anxiety is an internal state rather than an external force thrust upon us – that is, more telling of ourselves rather than what we think is "making" us feel anxious.

Stephen Grosz illustrates this quite well, describing the present as the only time we're really alive; the past doesn't condemn us (as is the case with depression) but creates the context of where and who we are, and the future manifests presently in all our hopes, dreams, and fears (that, is anxiety).

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