The Savagezen Story

A moniker symbolizing difficult dualities of the human experience.

The Savagezen Story


The transient state oscillating between serenity and chaos amid fulfillment of both creative and destructive energies ultimately coalescing in the pursuit and challenging of human nature. Embrace that violence is always an option and savor life’s tranquil moments. Be relentless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Amor fati.

I have had many blogs over the years, covering a variety of topics:

  • Combat sports
  • Fitness / Nutrition
  • Animal-based nutrition
  • Open Source Software / Linux / Android
  • Philosophy / Psychology
  • Clinical Mental Health / Research
  • Nutrition Research
  • Pen and Paper RPGs

So, allow me to introduce myself and set the tone for the work you will find in this new incarnation.

My name is Austin and I’m one of the only fully licensed mental health providers (LPC) in West Georgia that also holds a nutrition certification (PN1). I am also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and am a fan of old school boxing. I also have the utmost admiration for working K9s.

As was the case for many people March / April of 2020 was the cause for much introspection and re-evaluation. As such, I took the opportunity to evaluate where I was at and create something worth moving towards. WTF does that mean?

In short it means that I wasn’t going to lay down and take whatever bogus hand life was dealing me — be that politics, employment, natural disasters, etc. No, this was a time to seek creation, not lament destruction.

So, at the age of 32 I re-booted my competition career in combat sports (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and have thus far refused to compete in a “master’s” division, still competing against athletes a decade my junior.

In the meantime I also created #thekombatkitchenpodcast to discuss the benefits of an animal-based / carnivore diet in addition to exploring the minds of high performance athletes and mental health professionals.

In short, this is a blog for warrior poets, outlaw philosophers, and health rebels who perpetually question the status quo in pursuit of an enviously radical and butt-kicking existence.

Welcome to your revolution.

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