Making Progress Every Day, and Unethical Journalism

Resources to thrive: Strength and Conditioning Standards for Athletes, How to Progress Every Day, and Shutting down Confirmation Biases.

The Cultured Warrior #027

Photo by Wade Austin Ellis / Unsplash

Original Article: Strength and Conditioning Standards for Athletes

How strong is too strong?  How to achieve game changing performance?  How to prioritizing multi-layered training?  Answer these questions and and find out how you size up against UFC fighters, professional cyclists, and elite lifters.

I'm not one to get pumped up on motivational speeches...

... but much in the vein of stoic philosophy, one of the greatest minds in combat sports, John Danaher, talks about being 1% better each day by asking yourself two questions:  What's the most significant thing that happened today?  How will it impact me tomorrow?

Plant-based schmoozing and propaganda at it again:

Nobody is fighting harder on this front right now than Diana Rogers.  This segment from her newsletter is a rebuttal to Vox's claim that each American kills 174 animals per year for food.  Diana mentions that this includes 137 shrimp (that's 78.7% by the way) and I'd like to add that Vox's own graphic illustrate 1/10th of a cow and 23 chickens.
Could this be because we're constantly berated to eat less red meat and more... you know, chicken and seafood?!  By Vox's own admission then, if we stopped eating chicken and seafood we'd eliminate 92% of America's animal consumption and still enjoy ribeyes and bacon; but of course that's not the narrative they're spinning.

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