Affiliate Products

$15 RE Botanicals CBD (over $50, link)
Organic, third party tested CBD products that donate 1% of profits towards regenerative agriculture.
$25 off TruBeef (first order, code: savagezen25)
Regeneratively raised, grass-fed, grass-finished, organic, certified humane beef!  TruBeef's entire operation from farm-to-fork is carbon neutral.  The farms themselves are carbon-negative.
$10 off White Oak Pastures (link)
The OGs of the regenreative agriculture movement!  Grass-fed, grass-finished, organic, humane food and farm store products right here in Georgia!  Every pound of product from White Oak sequesters 3 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere!
15% off Redmond Real Salt and ReLyte (code: savagezen)
Mined in Utah, United States, Redmond's salt has one of the most diverse micronutrient (mineral) profiles and highest nutrient contents of any salt.  Their "real salt" is the base for many of their products including ReLyte (electrolytes) and Earth Paste (toothpaste), both of which I use daily.
10% off Heart & Soil Supplements (code: austinh)
Freeze-dried beef organ supplements made from regeneratively raised, organic, grass-fed, grass-finished cattle.
10 % off Submission Shark Apparel (code: savagezen)
Support everyday martial artists and the people telling their stories!
10% off Cronometer Gold (link)
For a few bucks a month this is an extremely comprehensive tool to track micro and macro nutrients.  I specifically like having all of my labs and biometrics in one place.

I am extremely selective and proud of the brands that I choose to work with and represents.  I have never hesitated to try and test different products for myself and recommend them if I've found them useful or even a use-case scenario.  To go one step further and use my audience and time to actively promote a product I need to believe in you as a business and what you stand for.  The folks above have upheld that standard.  Disclosure:  I do receive an affiliate commission for sales from these products.

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