Being Bold, Dark, and Free

Being bold, dark, free, simple, and empty with Nietzsche and Robert Frost.

Being Bold, Dark, and Free
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash

Thoughts to Ponder:

"Freedom lies in being bold." ~ Robert Frost

As with many of my musings, this rallies around the idea that the personal is inherently political, and vice versa.  Staying quiet and compliant isn't freedom.  That's like saying prisoners are still free to roam around their cell.  Freedom is the ability to be wrong.  Freedom is the ability to learn and grow.  Freedom is stretching the limits and separating one's self from expectations; your won and others'.

"Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings; always darker, emptier, and simpler." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Emotions are, well, emotional.  They're easily swayed by the tide.  Thoughts are much more fickle and Nietzsche is pointing to their rudimentary, linear fashion here.  Thoughts point to emotions and reveal a truth the is hard to deny and sometimes even harder to swallow.  Of course, that certainly doesn't mean we are what we think, the complexity of emotions gives context to our human condition in a way "simpler and emptier" thoughts cannot.

What's Going on With Me:

Before it get's cliche' to do year-end reviews and reflections, I've been meaning to follow up on something I read earlier this year.  That is, a quarterly(ish) review of my:

  • Morale, (what I've achieved),
  • Momentum (what I'm feeling confident about), and
  • Motivation (what I'm excited about).

This goes hand in hand with always wanting to simplify (and thereby clarify) my personal vision, mission and goals.

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