Love, The Dark Arts, and Winning

The Cultured Warrior #033: Rumi, Harry Potter Houses, Book Reports, and Bitcoin.

Thoughts to Ponder:

I took the Harry Potter House quiz about 10 times and begrudgingly accepted my Gryffindor House assignment.  I took the quiz again at the request of an 11 year old client,  and more appropriately was assigned to Slytherin.  My client also assured me that I would be an excellent Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!

What's New With Me:

February / Spring is my "carnivore anniversary"!  That means it's time for me to give myself an early birthday present of health and get my blood work done.  I'll be doing longer write ups to break things down in the future.

I also published a new article; "1% Gains and Winning."  There I break down with a little nuance "the myth of perpetual progress" and how "the grind" only gets more grinding (and for less return) the higher you want to perform.

Book Report:

I recently finished Tim Grover's "Winning."  Tim has been the personal trainer to some of the greatest athletes to walk the Earth; Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to name a few.  For less than 200 pages and $15 this is well worth picking up; especially in an era of "new normal" that is thriving and literally banking on you being soft, placid, and not winning.

I created a donations page, in additions to the products page (affiliate sponsors) since a few people have asked if I have a Patreon (or similar, sorry no Only Fans either!).

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