Cultured Warrior Newsletter #068

Photo by Peter Herrmann / Unsplash
"Why should we feel anger at the world?  As if the world would notice."
~ Marcus Aurelius

I hope you're all enjoying the new format of the newsletter!  A few more things are going to be changing in the near future so that I can produce better, more focused content.

I'm very happy to see this newsletter and my YouTube channel (@savagezen) gaining some traction.  As such, I have to be diligent in maintaining the quality of what I produce.

Tentatively my content map looks like this:

  • Weekly JiuJitsu video on YouTube
  • Training Article 1x / Month
  • Nutrition Article 1x / Month
  • Subscriber Only Article 1x / Month
  • Monthly Newsletter recapping the above in addition to the tried and true, "spirited" training reflections ("sermons") you've been accustomed to.

Recent Training:

I also migrated my podcast favorites to Spotify, which means the playlists can be shared, embedded, and updated in real time!  Head over to the Podcasts Favorites page to check out hundreds of hours from either training or nutrition playlists.

New On YouTube:

Creating Dilemmas in JiuJitsu



Tthe theme at savagezen.co has changed again.  That's because Ghost enabled comments a while ago, but apparently it wasn't included in the previous Substack-esque theme I was using.

Ghost says this was a "feature" before in order to prevent bots from engaging in content.  At any rate you'll simply need to be a (free) subscriber to comment.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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