It will be easier, and no one has to know.


The Cultured Warrior #058 | It will be easier, and no one has to know.

I almost titled this one "miles."  Carrying anything for a mile is taxing on the forearms, but bearable.  The 1/4 mile of tire flips at the end of this workout made me question some things though.

A recent Nonphrophet post reminded me that "once it's written, it must be done."  If something breaks or feels imbalanced, now you learned where the limit is.  Admittedly, I've fallen victim to this error on a few workouts recently, altering the prescription after I started.

Reflecting on the work done.

Back to those tire flips... It would have been easy to roll it back into the garage, write whatever I wanted on the whiteboard, and post it to Instagram with the same picture you see above – as if I had accomplished something.

Who would ever know besides me?  Hell, who knows if I actually eat the things I say I do or just higher an editor, a pharmacist, and flex for Instagram?  I'll spell it out like this:

When referencing another, allegedly "all natural", carnivore influencer, one of my training partners stated that:

"Austin, you're the real *********.  If you went to Tanzania, it wouldn't be on a private jet."

My response was:

"Pulling weights underwater looks cool AF on social media; but it's just as effective to hold your breath on the Assulat Bike until your lungs explode."

I'm not saying I'd swim to Africa, but this my friends, this is the difference.  This is who knows what's what and how.  True enough, you don't get extra credit at the end of life for making things extra hard on yourself; so what's the point?

The point is that I said I was going to do a thing and I did it.  Deviating from an original plan, pivoting, and adapting are all necessary at times.  Pre-negotiating an outcome concedes your lack of faith in your fit-ness for the task.

(Time + Effort ) / Truth = Art

Odds & Ends:

This weekend will be the first #grappleandgrill I'm facilitating.  The itinerary is as follows:

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