I was ambitious the day after my 34th birthday. After my regular Space Program workout, I decided to chase jiujitsu with a classic from Nonprophet, 300FY.


The Cultured Warrior #054 | Do it, or don't.

Sorry TikTok-ers, the acronym isn't "for your feed."  As if Monday's aren't enough of a "F-you", here's the TLDR from the Nonprophet member's section:

"This is an answer to the “300 workout” confusion, which caused a frenzy of substitutions and proverbial dick measuring.  In contrast, 300fy is simple. You either score 300 calories in 10min on an AD4 airdyne or… Fuck You. Schwinn AD4s are rare—or nonexistent—so the equivalent for an Assault bike or Echo bike is your bodyweight in calories in 10min."

Apparently I was ambitious the day before I left for White Oak Pastures.  I did a Space Program session in the morning, followed by teaching jiujitsu class, then added the above "classic."  Why?  Because, F-me... apparently.

300FY | Assault Bike @ BW in calories, for time | 170 / 18:35

I didn't make the 10 minute quota; but here's what I learned; or rather was reminded of.

Journeys worth embarking on – jiujitsu, rock climbing, etc. – have a way of cutting through flimsy defense mechanisms.

You climbed the route or you didn't.  You fell or you didn't.  You tapped or you didn't.  You completed the workout in the allotted time, or you didn't.  Somewhere, I read something that I often repeated in my climbing days, that...

"there is no cheating in climbing, only lying."  

It's often said in jiujitsu as well that "the mats don't lie."  People lie about rank, achievements, status, income, ascents, etc. as if those arbitrary quantifications predict value (or "proof of work") with any particular accuracy.  Chose a worthy objective for yourself; one that you cannot lie about the outcome of.

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