Be your own damn super hero.


The Cultured Warrior #053 | Become your own damn super hero.

The great MMA coach Greg Nelson tells people to "practice" winning.  I'd parenthetically add "even, actually especially, when you're tired."  The real work begins, after all, when you start wanting to quit.

Who says you can't do X, Y, or Z?  The answer is you.  Will there be obstacles and barriers?  Yes.  Will the journey be fair?  Almost certainly not.  That is the real test.  Do you really want it bad enough that you're willing to embark on a journey will be painfully unfair?

I'd also argue, social politics aside, that life is pretty cruelly indifferent.  I talked about this on a few podcasts regarding near-death accidents climbing.  We want to believe we're special, that the world will stop on a dime at our expiration.  The reality is that in a couple of generations we, and everyone we know, will be forgotten.

The loophole?  Get busy creating something that will outlive you.  You could say that this or that social construct or the geo-political / economic-familial hand you were dealt is rotten AF; and you might be right.  After we agree that you're right, I'll just ask one question.

Now what?

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  • Monday's newsletter referred to Episode 42 of The Healthy Rebellion Radio featuring Robb Wolf and Diana Rogers talking about food systems and sovereignty in Brazil.

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