Only bullshit needs to be complicated.


The Cultured Warrior #052 | Only bullshit needs to be complicated.

Existence is complicated.  Of course it is.  Is there any question that modern existence is polluted with bullshit?  Perhaps that's crass, so let's be generous and call it distracting.

  • A good workout should leave you questioning things (below)
  • Simple should not be confused with easy.
  • Additional complication rarely means "better."

One of the things I collected from my mini-misogi at White Oak Pastures was how much nonsense creeps into our lives.  That's not to say that things like social media, cell phones, or automobiles aren't fun or even useful.  It is to add that comfort creep is real.

Some of those things are more addicting and enticing by design.  They're also more "noisy" systems.  It's real easy to tell if a plane is working (flying) or not.  How much is your screen time helping or hurting?  Well, that's probably a more simple answer than you'd like to admit; regardless it's noisy and difficult to distinguish from actual signal.

Every email I didn't want to read when I got back – unsubscribed.  Every app notification I swiped away with out reading – uninstalled the app.  To-do list – done.  People I hadn't heard from in a while – called.  Steak – eaten.  Eyes – open.

Today's Inspiration

Odds and Ends:

  • Keep an eye on the "Tools" page, some of those utilities will be making it to their own full posts in the future.
  • I've integrated a new donation platform (NOWpayments) that allows for USD, and multiple cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BAT, ZEC, etc.)

Robb Wolf and Diana Rogers are at it again doing great work and continuing to debunk the false narrative around climate change, food systems, and human rights (and the intersection thereof) – too bad the Disinformation Governance Board was put on hold before they could look into this!

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