Regret weighs more than skin in the game.


The Cultured Warrior Newsletter #051 | Regret weighs more than skin in the game.

Three years ago I started training BJJ again after a 6 year hiatus which came after only about 3 years of initial MMA training.  The day of the return, I wrote on Instagram; "the bravest thing you may ever do is start ... again."

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You know things are going somewhere when beginning gives you pause and you have to consider the consequences once you're in... the committal step off the high dive.  A good workout should make you question things.  After all, the real work starts when you want to quit.

Will you regret the work(out) once it's done?  Probably not.  If it was real work, you probably have some questions though; and some clarity.  We all know "fear kills more dreams than failure ever will."  The punch line is, so what?

Every tough decision comes down to two things:

  • What will it cost me to do this?
  • How much would I spend to sell the regret (of not doing it)?

The original draft of the tagline read; "Regret weighs more than a pound of flesh."

Today's Inspiration


I recently subscribed to training with Nonprophet / The Space Program.  I'll have an evaluation of my process in a month or so.  For now, know that their "provocative" t-shirts gave a little inspirational fodder for this newsletter – A few head turning quips for social media, and a more productive discourse in the newsletter.

If the current swag is any kind of preview of what you might expect here in the future, look to the likes of:

  • Endure: "Fuck you, go further."
  • Nonprophet: "Don't fucking quit."
  • Stoke: "The stoke is real.  Immolation is optional."
  • Twitching: "Death will change you if you can't change yourself."
  • Strength: "The greatest expression of strength is to dig your own grave."
  • Destroy: "I love you.  I'm sorry.  Please for give me.  Thank you.  Thank you."
  • Dissent: "Let them eat cake."

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