The Worst Time to be Vegan, Fear Mongering, and Sunscreen

Nutrient density in plant foods is falling almost as fast as your testosterone! By the way, slather yourself in sunscreen even indoors when it's raining -- the science says so!

The Worst Time to be Vegan, Fear Mongering, and Sunscreen
Photo by BATCH by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific / Unsplash

The Cultured Warrior #049

Welcome back friends!  As usual, there's no shortage of drama around the inter-webs and incessant fear mongering from "authorities" proclaiming "they are the science."

Bad Cattitude | Substack

Anyone who is actually thinking critically about their health, pathogens, and ecosystems has figured out the role that mental health, sunlight, diet, exercise, and human interaction play in overall health and well being.  So, I'll let El Gato Malo do his own explaining here.

prioritizing life over disease ducking
watch as the jersey changing nears completion
Prioritizing Life Over Disease Ducking | Bad Cattitude on Substack

I also tracked back to listen to Evan Brand on the Fundamental Health Podcast where he and Paul hit on some important points that are worth giving some reflection to.

Evan Brand on Fundamental Health Podcast | April 12, 2022

In addition to men's decreasing testosterone there is also a decrease in nutrient density within plant foods (1, 2).  This again highlights the misaligned values and practices of a plant-based diet.

Even ...

  • if, there were no detrimental effects to soil and ecosystems, and even
  • if it was possible to have a bloodless diet, and
  • if bioavailability of nutrients was not a thing,

You would still be getting at least 50% fewer nutrients from the same volume of plant matter than you would have 100 years ago.

I also looked into "glyphosate free honey", and reached out to Mountain Ridge Honey (I like to reuse their mason jars), and Nature Nate's regarding lab analysis of their products and public availability of the results – no response as of yet.

While Nate's is served in plastic (ugh!), they do have a "purity guarantee" though I wasn't able to locate the results anywhere on their website.  Typically this would list ppm / ppb of various toxicants.

Why dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen indoors
Sunscreen could be the missing power player in your quarantine skin care routine. Shop the top sunblocks dermatologists use and recommend to patients.

As summer creeps in, "the news" is advising you to – wait for it – wear sunscreen indoors!  Yup, slather yourself up in more chemicals!  It makes sense if you follow a Gates-ian dystopian model of corporate greed.

A glypohsate cloud over the planet will block those pesky UVB rays (that produce Vitamin D in your skin) and, like a window pane, allow on the carcinogenic UVA rays to touch you.  I bet we can sell a medication for the disease we created!

In better spirits, there's been more great work from Dave Feldman (and Co.) regarding "bad" LDL cholesterol.  The folks in the study sample had an LDL-c of 95 - 545.  Standard MD recommendations are < 100; though the same doctors claim an HDL of 40 is "normal" (for men) and Triglycerides of 150 are "healthy."

Case Report: Hypercholesterolemia “Lean Mass Hyper-Responder” Phenotype Presents in the Context of a Low Saturated Fat Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet
Emerging evidence suggests that “leanness” and good metabolic health markers may predict larger increases in LDL cholesterol (LDL-C) in response to carbohydrate restriction. Specifically, a recent cohort study demonstrated an inverse association between BMI and LDL-C change among individuals on carb…
"Finally, computed tomography angiography conducted on LM after over 2 years of hypercholesterolemia revealed no evidence of calcified or non-calcified plaque."

In other words, LDL alone does not cause either calcified or other arterial plaque.  For the record, there are subtypes of LDL, but the point here is that dietary and metabolic context matter.  As the title of the article suggests, high LDL in the context of high muscle mass and a low carbohydrate diet is not the same as a (as commonly recommended) low fat diet and high (fat) body mass.

Live radical, and die hard,


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