Boredom, Creativity, and Barbells

Nature is metal, and boredom breeds creativity -- the anti-anxiety -- if we have an outlet for it.

The Cultured Warrior #047

Perhaps the most hubris thing about humans is that we often fancy ourselves separate from "wildlife."  In an ironic twist of fate we erected concrete zoos to concentrate ourselves in and isolate from said wilderness.

Further adding insult to injury, this isolation offers little in the way of solitude.  As the saying goes, the mountains are calling and I must go.

While boredom doesn't "create creativity"; it's a natural ebb-and-flow that when we experience boredom, we seek to create something in order to remedy that boredom.  Rollo May described depression as "the inability to construct a future."  In a similar fashion; anxiety is a call to created, the effect of inaction.

In our un-wild lives inside concrete zoos we're overstimulated, isolated, disconnected, and bored – a perfect storm for anxiety.  The forest is for rest.

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