Bitcoin, MMA, Beef, and Raw Milk

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Bitcoin, MMA, Beef, and Raw Milk

The Cultured Warrior #046

As the bios of my social media profiles suggest, the three main categorical interests of mine are:

  • Animal-Based Nutrition
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Bitcoin

Of course, these can be extrapolated and thought of in more broad terms as well that I've certainly (at various times) forayed deeply into adjacent realms as well: open-source software, combat and outdoor sports, health and wellness.

As you could imagine then, I got quite excited to to see that Bitcoin Magazine had published an article comparing the origins of Bitcoin to MMA (mixed martial arts).

Bitcoin Is Venice: Wrestling With The Truth
Surprising as it may be, Bitcoin’s history mirrors the history of mixed martial arts.
Origin Comparisons of Bitcoin and MMA | Bitcoin Magazine

More specifically I'd make that comparison to submission grappling at large (catch wrestling, luta livre, et al.): we're a bunch of thugs and "technique mercenaries."  We steal, borrow, and make publicly available any technique with reasonable efficacy or circumstantial effectiveness.  Jiu Jitsu is the "open source" martial art – trust-less, permission-less, and immutable.

Bitcoin and Beef: Criticisms, Similarities, and Why Decentralization Matters: Scott, Tristan: 9798431187957: Books
Bitcoin and Beef: Criticisms, Similarities, and Why Decentralization Matters [Scott, Tristan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bitcoin and Beef: Criticisms, Similarities, and Why Decentralization Matters
Bitcoin and Beef | Amazon

Bitcoin and Beef was also recently released on Amazon and this is a book I've been excited to read as well.  You'll find many carnivore-friendly folks within the Bitcoin community.  As has been postulated before; folks that tend to see through BS and do their own homework tend to avoid trash food as well as trash money.

Furthermore, this book drives home (as the subtitle suggests) why "decentralization" or "open source" / community driven processes are needed to create an anti-fragile food system and economic system.

Home - Real Milk

I also found two websites to help you locate where you can purchase raw milk "for pets" – since it's illegal to sell "for humans." | Find Raw Milk Near You
Search for your local raw milk source on Raw milk farms and retail locations mapped worldwide.

If anyone knows a farm that sells / ships colostrum please send me a message.

Get some sun and stay radical this weekend!


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