Suffering, Misfortune, and Barbell Therapy

Reflections on "repetition compulsion" and how simple statistics principles can improve your performance training.

Suffering, Misfortune, and Barbell Therapy
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The Cultured Warrior #045

Hello friends, we're officially in to the second quarter of 2022.  Hopefully you're still hustling away at your New Year's Resolutions – lest you didn't "resolve" to do anything!

Camus is one of my all time favorite authors and, ironically as it turns out, not in a totally dissimilar geopolitical climate from where we find ourselves today – you know with "potential troublemakers being sought to be neutralized (censored)" and all.

At any rate, this quote is a reminder that our psyches are exceedingly resilient, though in an imperfect way.  We can get "used to" or "normal(ize)" some pretty terrible things.  That is, the idea of "repetition compulsion" comes from our psyche's seeking to "fix a problem" or try again to get it right – however, once we're there we often collapse and default to what we've practiced (repeated) before.  Thus, the problem propagates itself.

Barbells and Bell Curves, Part 1: Statistics Briefing
How complicated should a training plan be? As uncomplicated as possible to still produce results. Let’s see if we can big-brain ourselves into training smarter!
Barbells and Bell Curves, Part 1: Statistics Briefing

Much more optimistically, I started a new post series (Barbells and Bell Curves) to utilize simple statistics principles to focus sport performance training volume (e.g. time allocation to sport-specific time vs. strength training vs. conditioning, etc.).

Mostly, I'm excited to put these principles into practice for myself, though of course if anyone wants to really put the plan(s) to the test and call me out (or just ask a question) I'm only a DM away!

Live well, die hard,


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