Virtue Signaling, Global Warming, and 100 Dollar Jeans

My bloodwork is in, I continue to bash EWG, and have mixed feelings about outdoor brands and global warming virtue signaling.

Virtue Signaling, Global Warming, and 100 Dollar Jeans
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The Cultured Warrior #040

What's up everyone!  It's been quite a week as usual.  Firstly, I decided to publish my recent lab results "as is" as part of my annual health checkup.  You can read more about that and my health report card here.

Earlier this week on Instagram and Twitter, I've continued to take shots at the Environmental Working Group after their recent anti-meat stance.

In short, they published an article in January that's been making it's way around social media titled; "Low Carbon" beef: As nonsensical as "low cancer" cigarettes.

Apparently they've missed the memo that "heavy reduction of livestock may lead to a fragile food system and societal damage."  In Monday's newsletter I'll be talking about why it's still important to support regenerative agriculture even if climate change isn't all the doomsdayers crack it up to be.

Animal board invited review: Animal source foods in healthy, sustainable, and ethical diets – An argument against drastic limitation of livestock in the food system
Animal source foods are evolutionarily appropriate foods for humans. It is therefore remarkable that they are now presented by some as unhealthy, unsu…
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Rather than just complain though, I'd encourage you to head over to their website (link below) and take their "Alternative Protein Survey" and share some of your thoughts and references.

EWG’s Alternative Protein Survey
Take this survey powered by Create your own surveys for free.

On the bright(er) side, while REI is busy busting unions (another disappointment), I was happy to find that another outdoor gear company, Patagonia, is starting a line of apparel made from regenerative-organic cotton.

Regenerative Organic Agriculture by Patagonia
We are investing in Regenerative Organic, a method of farming that uses practices like no- to low-tilling and composting to build healthy soil. Learn more.

What's more is that, at least once, they mention the importance of animal inputs!  What a (pleasant) surprise!

Patagonia Outdoor Clothing & Gear
Patagonia is a designer of outdoor clothing and gear for the silent sports: climbing, surfing, skiing and snowboarding, fly fishing, and trail running

Now, I know what you're thinking.   Austin, that's $50 for a t-shirt and $100 for jeans!  Look, I still shop at thrift stores.  My point is just to provide resources and applaud people / organizations making well informed decisions to invoke change.  And, to be frank, there are plenty of designer and other outdoor brands charging similar prices for products made with conventional materials (ironic phrasing, I know!).

Similar to "I can't afford $8 / lb ground beef!"; obviously everyone has to "start where they're at"; though that absolutely should not be an excuse to stay there or stop pushing forward for the things you say are important to you.  Look, maybe they're just not that important and that's okay too.  But if they are, you should be finding ways to let your actions speak for you – because they do whether it's the message you want or not!

Enjoy the corned beef,


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