Motivation, Dying, and Snow

Motivation is for people who don't know what they want.

Motivation, Dying, and Snow

The Cultured Warrior #039

"Motivation is for people who don't know what they want." ~ Tim Grover

There's nothing wrong with not knowing what you want.  If you're at the stage in the game where you need motivation, this is probably much more true than you'd like to admit -- that you don't know what you want.  So, you want someone, something, to make you feel good; better than admitting what you don't like about where you're at.

	Six blood samples in test tubes. Blood test.
Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

State of My Health:

Okay, I promise, this week I'll finish writing my health checkup results.  As I mentioned before, I was dealing with some illness when I had the labs drawn and – understandably so – the C-RP and cholesterol numbers weren't what I was expecting.  I was going to get a redraw, but I planned on getting Vitamin D drawn again in the fall anyway.

So, I'll just present the data I have and let it be what it is.  I'll save the redraw for the fall and the comparison (spring / fall) will have to wait until then.

Snowed In - Winter wonderland in the Alps
Photo by Michael Niessl / Unsplash

Memento Mori:

While gas is $5 / gallon find something stupid to smile about.  Last weekend I was sunbathing in my undies and it was 80' F.  This past Saturday it was snowing when I planned to mow the yard.  Sunday I did mow the yard, with no shirt.

Get in the sun and find a reason to smile.  You owe yourself everything!

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