A group bonded by mutual struggle.


The Cultured Warrior #056 | A group bonded by mutual struggle.

If you've spent any amount of time on this site or in a fighting sports gym; you know that fighters can be a masochistic bunch.  It seems my interpretation of FYF has gained some "popularity" around our academy.

I wouldn't put the embarked session (linked below as "inspiration") quite at the level of suck as a double 300FY, but IMO the work put in still qualifies as a "dumpster fire:"

"An excessive amount of work. Usually a combination of different systems such as strength, power, and/or capacity."

As another particularly sadistic measure, I recruited a bystander to be the official time keeper.  In other words, there was no option to seek comfort in glancing up at the clock.  You continued to put in effort, or you slacked off.

After the session, I asked Simon (right), "How many rounds did you get? (during the 20 min AMRAP)"  He said, "I don't know, I didn't count."  You know what else he didn't do?  Quit.  Oh, and he was significantly smaller than the other participants and didn't offer a single sigh at the load remaining the same for all of us.

Only when w/he started missing reps was that an option.

Today's Inspiration

The title for this post came from the fact that during the AMRAP section I had to make a conscious decision.  At some point I'd gotten ahead of the other two on rounds, so I was doubling up on certain stations that were open.  However, I had to make a choice (and made the same one several times).  

I could grind out a few more reps to boost my own score (rounds completed), or I could use the time I had worked ahead to help the others reset during transitions – thus, boosting the overall team score.  I chose the later.

After we composed ourselves and hydrated, we stayed in the weight room.  What we didn't do is complain about the workout – as if you'd get any sympathy.  We spent the next hour or so sitting in our respective sweat puddles and talk about everything from politics to training ethics to food systems.

This is a team.

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