Chose Safety, 80% Vegan, and CBD: Weekly Roundup 2/25

The Cultured Warrior #034

Happy Friday everyone!  Apparently 80% is a good enough appeal for The Governator, vegetables don't really help your health, and CBD is on sale!

First, let's run through a quick safety briefing...

Mickey sums this up pretty good in the caption, but I want to remind everyone to choose safety!  Ask yourself these questions ahead of time:

  • What will it cost you to not fight back?
  • What can I spend to survive / get out of this situation?

In other words,

  • If it's between going to secondary crime scene and dying on the street, I'll take the later.
  • You want my wallet?  Here, take my phone too.  Plus, my $200 ATM limit.

Raw and Cooked Vegetable Consumption and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: A Study of 400,000 Adults in UK Biobank
ObjectivesHigher levels of vegetable consumption have been associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), but the independent effect of raw and cooked vegetable consumption remains unclear.MethodsFrom the UK Biobank cohort, 399,586 participants without prior CVD were included in the a…
"Higher intakes of raw, but not cooked, vegetables were associated with lower CVD risk. Residual confounding is likely to account for much, if not all, of the observed associations. This study suggests the need to reappraise the evidence on the burden of CVD disease attributable to low vegetable intake in the high-income populations."

It's noteworthy as well that "cooked vegetables" had no effect at all on cardiovascular disease.  Yet, Arnold is praised for "being 80% vegan" – so, not vegan at all, SMH.  This is because he "lowered his bad cholesterol"; which I've ranted on LDL many, many times before as have others and why it's critical for our brains and immune system.

Arnold Schwarzenegger claims vegan diet reversed his ‘bad’ cholesterol
He’ll be back — and apparently better than ever. “My bad cholesterol number is so low that my doctor thought I might be a different person,” wrote Schwarzenegger.

President's Day / Week CBD Sale:

Featured from my products page, this is a very high quality CBD that I've used to help my sleep.  They're organic, every batch is third party tested, and they donate 1% of their profits to regenerative agriculture.

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