The Bitcoin Standard and Misery for Sale

All over the place from the Bitcoin and the history of money to disturbing profiting from suicide text line messages.

The Cultured Warrior #029: Resources to Thrive

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Lately, I've been writing more (because I've been reading more!) about Bitcoin.  Of course, long time followers know that I'm not exactly new to the tech / open source scene.  At any rate, I'm not formally trained in economics and this book is a fascinating "history of money" and inextricably "the politics of money."  The author also did an episode on The Fundamental Health Podcast.

Everything for sale... even misery

Sadly, I'm going to have to start a list of companies and organizations to boycott in 2022.   You can add Lyft and other companies that use AI driven customer service software, "Loris AI."  Breaking Points covered this and explained that the Loris the the "for profit" sector of the Crisis Text Line.

Essentially, the text line scrubs all messages of identifiable material and sells it to the AI programmers to improve customer service.  Most disturbing is their representative's Ted Talk which describes the 65 million (crisis text) messages as a "juicy corpus" that "makes her hot and sweaty."

Live radical, be well!


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