Most People Do Not Want Freedom...

In a world where you can be anything, let's blame someone else...

Most People Do Not Want Freedom...

The Cultured Warrior #028: Thoughts to Ponder

A survey of 2,000 people in Great Britain from mid 2021 concluded that "Nearly 70% of young people want socialism" (1).  As I commented on TikTok (2), it's quite ironic that these people are critical of capitalism while living under capitalism – ironically, they have every freedom to leave and pursue citizenship in a current socialist country; but don't.

In 2019 70% of millennials were thought to support socialism and 33% communism, while ironically 58% also wanted to pursue entrepreneurship (3) – an impossibility in those environments.

This has been one of many elephants in a small room over the past two years.  Public "health" interests have usurped human dignity and well being.  Responsibility is a terrifying thing; whether that is for one's own money, physical safety, health, fitness, education, or otherwise.

It's so much easier to blame someone else.  It seems that modern liberals (and I say this as left-leaning person; see my previous newsletter on heartbreak) are far more supportive of liberalism than liberty; and ironically disapproving of a consensus of people joining together to disavow oppression and extortion for the profit of – wait for it – governments (and their respective shareholders)(4).

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