About Me & This Site

About Me & This Site

savagezen (noun)

1) The transient state between (a) serenity and chaos amid (b) fulfillment of both creative and destructive energies ultimately (c) coalescing in the challenges of human nature; (d) embraced equally by the option of violence and savoring of tranquility in (e) relentless pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
2) The moniker and handle I've chosen to represent influential duality in life.

About This Site

This website is about rebellion and asking questions – towards no one in particular other than yourself.  Change is, and always has been, an inside job.

The most recent incarnation of this site features:

In short, this is a website is for warrior poets, outlaw philosophers, and health rebels who perpetually question the status quo in pursuit of an enviously radical and butt-kicking existence.  "Effort changes the landscape, inside and out, forever altering how we see it."

Welcome to your (r)evolution.

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July 2021 with Ranieri Paiva

About Me

I currently hold a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and have also trained within the SPEAR System.  In addition to being a licensed professional counselor in the State of Georgia (#LPC011834), I am also a certified nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition (PN1) and an Eagle Scout (2006).

I have been practicing and researching a "carnivore" diet since February 2020 (screenshots | data).  In 2012 I earned my Master's Degree in Psychology at the University of West Georgia where I was also honored with the Mike Arons Award (named after the department's founder).  In a past life I competed in indoor rock climbing, have amassed hundreds of outdoor pitch ascents, bouldered V6+ and traditional climbed 5.10c.  Many moons ago I also competed in boxing and mixed martial arts.

Now, I enjoy coaching and assisting with law enforcement defensive tactics and civilian self-defense / preparedness instruction.  I also have a few archived and not well maintained open source projects on GitLab.

For more insight to how I work and approach things, read the clinical cases I've presented and reflected in the (now archived) psychology section of this site.