About Me & This Site

About Me & This Site

savagezen (noun)

The moniker and handle I've chosen to represent influential duality in life.

About This Site

This website is about rebellion and asking questions – towards no one in particular other than myself.  Change is, and always has been, an inside job.

This website is for warrior poets, outlaw philosophers, and health rebels who perpetually question the status quo in pursuit of an enviously radical and high-achieving existence.

"Effort changes the landscape, inside and out, forever altering how we see it."
~ Mark Twight

July 2021 with Ranieri Paiva

About Me

I hold a brown belt in Brazilian Jujitsu and have also trained with in the SPEAR System and have trained and worked with multiple law enforcement agencies, competitive athletes, and private citizens for their personal defense.

In 2012 I graduated from the University of West Georgia, where I was honored with the Mike Arons Award.  I am a licensed professional counselor in the State of Georgia (USA) and certified nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition (PN1).  I have been practicing and researching a "carnivore" diet since early 2020.

In a past life I amassed hundreds of outdoor rock climbing ascents in the ranges of V6+ and 5.10c (traditional) and competed in indoor climbing as well as mixed martial arts and boxing.

I also have a few archived open source projects on GitLab.

For more insight to how I work and approach things, read the clinical cases I've presented and reflected in the psychology section of this site.

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