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savagezen (noun)

1) The transient state oscillating between serenity and chaos amid fulfillment of both creative and destructive energies ultimately coalescing in the pursuit and challenging of human nature. Embrace that violence is always an option and savor life’s tranquil moments. Be relentless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
2) The moniker and handle I've chosen to represent important dualities in life.  You can be a lover and a fighter, a warrior and a poet, a violent hippie.

About This Site

I have had many blogs over the years, covering a variety of topics ranging from combat sports and nutrition to open source software and development (Linux and Android), from philosophy and psychology essays to pen-and-paper role playing games and rock climbing.

As was the case for many people, March of 2020 and onward was the cause for much introspection and re-evaluation / revelation.  As such, I took the opportunity to reinvest myself in creative endeavors that both "pay myself" and create an empowered community.

That means that I wasn’t going to lay down and take whatever bogus hand life was dealing me — be that politics, employment, natural disasters, etc. No, this was a time to seek creation, not lament destruction.

The current incarnation of this site features the following topics:

In short, this is a blog / newsletter for warrior poets, outlaw philosophers, and health rebels who perpetually question the status quo in pursuit of an enviously radical and butt-kicking existence.

Welcome to your revolution.

About Me

My vision is for everyone to live stronger, safer, healthier, more satisfying lives.  

My mission in that is to lead by example of:

  • competency,
  • compassion, and
  • curiosity.

I currently hold a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and am in training as a Personal Defense Readiness instructor through the SPEAR System.  In addition to being a licensed professional counselor in the State of Georgia (#LPC011834), I am also a certified nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition (PN1).  I have been practicing and researching a "carnivore" diet since February 2020 (screenshots | data).

A few other odds and ends: I am an Eagle Scout.  I have a master's degree in psychology where I was awarded my department's less-than-annual award (named after the department's founder) for my contributions to and involvement in humanistic psychology.  In a past life I competed in indoor rock climbing, have amassed hundreds of outdoor pitch ascents, bouldered V6+ and traditional climbed 5.10c.  Many moons ago I also competed in boxing and mixed martial arts.  Occasionally I still compete in submission grappling.

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